Help us Keep NeedyMeds' Helpline Free of Charge!  image

Help us Keep NeedyMeds' Helpline Free of Charge!

Because one conversation can be a lifeline.


The NeedyMeds "Keep Us Talking" Campaign Needs You!

Dear NeedyMeds Friends,

In the past year alone, NeedyMeds' helpline has been buzzing with activity, answering 30,000+ calls from those seeking help with their healthcare costs.

Now, we face a critical moment.

The financial challenges NeedyMeds is navigating put not only our helpline but all the crucial services we provide at risk, including information on savings programs for over 5,000 prescriptions, more than 18,000 low-cost medical clinics, and almost 5,000 diagnosis-based assistance programs.

How You Can Make a Difference:

🆘 Make a Gift: Donate now and your contribution will allow us to continue connecting everyone in need with healthcare cost solutions.

🔄 Sustaining Support: A recurring donation - of any amount - helps NeedyMeds remain a reliable resource for those in need.

💔 Share Widely: Help us raise awareness about the importance of preserving these critical services and share this page.

Your support, whether immediate or sustained, ensures that our helpline will remain free of charge. After all, one conversation can be a lifeline.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Rich Sagall, MD
President & Founder